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Here's what I say....
'You may not be able to immediately change outer circumstances, but there's a decent array of techniques from ancient wisdom to modern neuroscience that can rapidly help the way in which you respond to those circumstances.'
William Barker

About Me

I'm a qualified Solution-Focuesd psychotherapist , AC registered coach ,very experienced teacher/trainer and published writer


Human Givens, TGROW, OSKAR, NLP,  Guided imagery, Solution-Focused, Client-Focused, Transperonal

Special Help

I have coached literally 100s of people to give  effective presentations for their companies


All sessions are are £60 per hour. 

Meetup Event
Published  International Articles

5 Anxiety-Busting Techniques, in MindBodyGreen


An article where I explore top techniques for dealing with stress and anxiety.

Is The Should Bully Ruining Your Life?

in Personal Growth  Here I identify the inner tyrant who forces us into action that goes against who we know we are.

9 Emotional Needs, in MBG


In this article I give some practical tips on how to meet your emotional needs.

Women Stretching on Yoga Mat


Brian, History Lecturer

I saw 4 therapist in 2016. William was definitely the most effective. He got me  out of rumination and into action

Tom, Coffee Shop Owner

William is a good man. He has a huge breadth of knowledge and ideas. I often reccomend him, as I think the changes I made are sustainable.

Sarah, PhD Student

With William's help I calmed down considerably. He has such a calm, accepting way about him. I think it rubbed off.

See My Services

1:1 Coaching

Get on track!

  • Stress reduction techniques

  • Positive Goals

  • Self-inquiry

  • guideded Imagery

  • Belief change

  • Emotional mastery

  • Self-care

Group Workshops

Move forward with fun ideas

  • Mindfuness

  • Presentation skills

  • Emotional needs

  • Stress management


Chill out!

  • Depression

  • Stress

  • Panic Attacks

  • Existential crisis

  • The 'rudderless ship'

  • Negative definitions/beliefs

Special Help

Get it sorted

  • Presentation Skills

  • Teaching Skills


If you're hesitant about embarking on a coaching/therapy journey, that's quite understandable. However, rest assured that there is no obligation to commit to a 'bundle' and at the end of the day one session, which at best may change your life, doesn't cost as much as a new pair of Levi jeans.

Note: Some coaching can take place on Skype, saving you the time and bother of travelling, parking etc.


To book a session soon call 07479663770 Email:

Painting Wall

Change happens because of change

Common Sense
Hindu God Tattoo

There is no exit to Now

Ancient Wisdom
Brain Sketch

Emotions make us stupid

Brain Science
Big Change Coaching Includes...
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